So… the other day, I went downtown….

Apparently, that’s interesting. so.. anyway as always, I brought my camera with me.

I parked at the river walk a little less than a half mile up river from the Renaissance Center.


After going through the Renaissance Center I tried to decide where to go. I looked for anything that would be familiarĀ or interesting. This was pretty easy as there is a park right next to where I was with sculptures.



The round one represents something to do with the labor movement… I guess it’s supposed to be a gear.

The one on the right is supposed to be pointing either downtown, or at the nearby fountain. I think it just points up.



From there I went across Jefferson and shot the Joe Louis Fist. It actually looks smaller in person. I was going to go over to “The Spirit of Detroit” but they were doing some sort of maintenance on it so I didn’t take any pictures, maybe I still should have.


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